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1.What's your industry?
2.What statement best describes you?
3.What social element would you most like to enhance?
4.Complete this sentence using the best option. 'I feel it's important to...'
5.If stranded in a forest, what single item would you most want to have?
6.In your opinion, what would be the best trade?
7.Complete this sentence with the best option. 'If given a task, I typically...'
8.You're on a bike trip with friends when you get a flat tire. The best thing to do is...
9.During the rush-hour commute to work you notice someone sneak on the bus. This makes you feel...?
10.You've been assigned a group task at work and one of your colleagues isn't equally participating. Your plan is to...
11.On the way to the market you pass a person asking for spare change. This makes you...
12.Choose the best ending for this sentence. The primary role of a leader is...
13.Select the best answer and complete this sentence. 'I consider a good night out to include...'
14. Enter your email address
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