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1.What's your industry?
2.What statement best describes you?
3.What social element would you most like to enhance?
4.What is your greatest personal attribute?
5.Where are you most likely to start a conversation with a stranger?
6.Complete this sentence using the best option. 'I feel it's important to...'
7.If stranded in a forest, what single item would you most want to have?
8.How often do you play games of chance?
9.Rate this statement. 'I can accomplish most things on my own.'
10.Complete this sentence with the best option. 'If given a task, I typically...'
11.Someone in your office has used the kitchen microwave to heat a lunch with a strong aroma. You want to...
12.On the way to the market you pass a person asking for spare change. This makes you...
13.Choose the best answer to complete the sentence. 'If I could be famous, I'd like to be known for...'
14. Enter your email address
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