Unlockthecity is a game governed by Twelve(12) simple rules. Each rule is indicated below. Please review this information. Our games offer an exciting cultural experience. These rules have been crafted for everyone's safety and enjoyment. Registered teams found in violation of any rule will be disqualified from participation at the sole discretion of the Game Director.

    R1. FOOT TRAVEL ONLY: All teams must navigate the city using foot travel only.

    R2. STAY TOGETHER: Team members must NOT separate during the game.

    R3. KEEP SCORE: Each team must collect, score and record their own points.

    R4. BE AWARE: Yield to other pedestrians. Obey all traffic and municipal laws.


    R6. DESIGNATED TIMES: Teams must start, finish and check-in at designated times.

    R7. SOCIAL MEDIA: Teams must post correct answers/info directly to our FB and Instagram. Remember to #hashtag your team name.

    R8. CONTENT: All answers and tasks require accurate completion to score points.

    R9. GAME-BOARD: All answers must be submitted on the official game-board.

    R10. REGISTRATION: Only registered participants and teams of 3 are eligible for prizes.

    R11. GAME PLAY: All final participation and prize decisions are issued at the sole discretion of the Game Director.

    R12. ETIQUETTE: Participants must act responsibly and respectfully inside and outside all game locations. No running.

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