Unlockthecity and Urban Expeditions acknowledge the Indigenous Peoples and their traditional territories on which our games are played.

During the events of Covid-19, all of our in-person games are suspended until further notice.

The images presented in this webpage are from a time before the pandemic when we use to play together and enjoy the hands-on exploration of urban culture. Things have changed a bit, but we're keeping the old images posted as a reminder to stay connected. Now, our players use the TUG app to explore cities around the world from the comfort and safety of home. Try is out HERE. Top players collect the most points in the least time. Their scores and times are posted on the leaderboard.


    Q1. What is Unlockthecity?

    It's an analog 4-hour game the requires navigation, problem-solving and teamwork.

    Q2. Where is the Start Location?

    Start locations vary depending on the game. We do this to help you experience different aspect of the city. Read the game info carefully when registering.

    Q3. Where is the Finish Location?

    Finish locations vary depending on the game. We do this to help you explore different regions of the city. Read the game info carefully when registering.

    Q4. Do I have to use FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM?


    Q5. Do I need to have a team?

    Yes. Find two friends!

    Q6. How much does it cost?

    The registration fee varies from FREE to $3.99/person. You can check out prices here here.

    Q7. Do I need to run?

    No. Running is not required but quick movements may benefit your time score and level of fitness.

    Q8. How do I score points?

    Players or teams score points by correctly answering questions and capturing images using the TUG app.

    Q9. What's a game-board?

    Our patented paper game-boards serve as a navigation and information tool. Paper game-boards are issued to registered players at the start location.

    Q10. Are games run in different cities?

    Yes. Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, New York, Chicago...and beyond

    Q11. Do you accommodate private groups?

    Yes. For more information on booking a private or corporate game, send a message to our 'I'm looking for something Cool to do Hotline.'

    Q12. What about the prizes?

    Prizes differ from game to game and offer participants a chance to win a range of cool stuff. Winners are announced on our SM within 48 hours after the game concludes. Prizes non-transferable and non-refundable.

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